To access your dashboard, you need to know your GTC student email which follows this format: FLLLLLLxxxx@student.gwinnetttech.edu. (first initial, up to 6 characters in last name, last 4 of student ID number)

Your initial password is gtc and your birthday: gtcmmddyy


Please visit here for additional information. 


Microsoft Office 365


A comprehensive guide for the dashboard can be found here

A list of FAQ's can be accessed here


Getting this error when you try to login?


Microsoft Error Message


This happens when you make a typo on the "@student.gwinnetttech.edu" part of your e-mail address. Please check to make sure your e-mail address was entered correctly without any typos. You will never have to create your own account/e-mail address so if you are receiving this error, it is more than likely because of a typo.