Step One

First navigate to the myGTC URL

You will be prompted to enter your GTC login credentials with the following format:

Username: FLLLLLLxxxx

F = first letter of your first name
LLLLLL = up to the first six letters of your last name (or your entire last name, if shorter than six letters)
xxxx = last four digits of your student ID number

Your Password is: gtcmmddyy

gtc = the letters "gtc" in lowercase
mmddyy = your birth date, using two digits each for the month, the day, and the year

You can change your password after you log in for the first time.

Step Two

Upon initial login, you will be brought to the Password and Security Management screen. Here, you answer questions for password recovery and you may also change your password at the option for "Reset Password."

Be sure to answer all the Password Recovery questions and select the "Save" icon located in the lower left of the page. This is the password you will use to login to all campus computers.

Step Three

Once you have successfully logged in, you will be brought to a landing page.

Step Four

From the students' landing page, you will set up your single sign-on access forANGEL, Banner-web, and Microsoft Outlook (Student Email). Please follow the outlined instructions on the landing page for initial access to Angel & Banner.

Step Five 

In order to check your GTC student email, return to the myGTC portal and select the icon labeled "Email." This will take you to your student email.


If you experience any problems, please email or call 678-226-6777 and someone will assist you promptly.