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Gwinnett Tech's Dual Enrollment program continues to thrive, thanks to many valuable partnerships in the community!
Gwinnett Tech partners with leaders in cybersecurity and information technology industries.
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 10/03/2017 video_archive_thumbnails Dual Enrollment! (MOWR)
 10/03/2017 video_archive_thumbnails Gwinnett Tech Partnerships 2017
 06/26/2017 video_archive_thumbnails Cybersecurity Featured Student Laura Hofer
 06/16/2017 video_archive_thumbnails Our Alpharetta-North Fulton Campus!
 06/07/2017 video_archive_thumbnails Gwinnett Tech 2017 GED Graduation
 05/26/2017 video_archive_thumbnails Gwinnett Tech 2017 Commencement
 05/16/2017 video_archive_thumbnails Gwinnett Tech Student Awards Ceremony 2017
 05/05/2017 video_archive_thumbnails 2017 Scholarship Recipients
 05/05/2017 video_archive_thumbnails An Amazing Video! 2017 Scholarship Recipient Nicole Vann Shares Her Story
 02/24/2017 video_archive_thumbnails Gwinnett Tech Students with High Demand Skills in High Demand Careers
 02/24/2017 video_archive_thumbnails Interiors Program at Gwinnett Tech
 02/23/2017 video_archive_thumbnails This is Gwinnett Tech!Making a Difference for Tomorrow
 11/09/2016 video_archive_thumbnails Get Your Game On! Presentation by Blizzard’s Rachel Day!
 11/07/2016 video_archive_thumbnails Gwinnett Tech's Patient Care Assistant Program
 06/28/2016 video_archive_thumbnails Gwinnett Tech Boots to Books Memorial Dedication – 2016
 06/20/2016 video_archive_thumbnails Gwinnett Tech Commencement 2016
 05/24/2016 video_archive_thumbnails 2016 Movers & Makers Awards
 05/10/2016 video_archive_thumbnails GTC May 2016 Awards
 12/07/2015 video_archive_thumbnails GAP Program
 12/07/2015 video_archive_thumbnails GED Graduation
 12/07/2015 video_archive_thumbnails Economic Development
 12/07/2015 video_archive_thumbnails Accelerating Opportunity
 12/07/2015 video_archive_thumbnails Inspire: Adalius Thomas
 12/07/2015 video_archive_thumbnails Culinary - Ice Sculpting
 12/07/2015 video_archive_thumbnails Scholarship Celebration 2015
 12/07/2015 video_archive_thumbnails Alpharetta North Fulton - Groundbreaking
 12/07/2015 video_archive_thumbnails MAGIC Construction Camp
 12/07/2015 video_archive_thumbnails HIT Success Story: Michael Patterson
 12/07/2015 video_archive_thumbnails Gwinnett Tech Video Viewbook
 12/07/2015 video_archive_thumbnails Fish Vaccine
 12/07/2015 video_archive_thumbnails Shepherd Center
 12/04/2015 video_archive_thumbnails Science Works 2014
 10/12/2015 video_archive_thumbnails 2015 Awards Ceremony
 10/09/2015 video_archive_thumbnails Veterans at GTC
 10/09/2015 video_archive_thumbnails State Of The College Address 2015
 06/22/2015 video_archive_thumbnails Gwinnett Tech Graduation 2015