Campus Police

Campus Police

Campus safety is provided by Gwinnett Technical College Police Officers during normal operating hours. Police officers are responsible for a full range of public safety services including all crime reports, investigations, and traffic control/accident reports; enforcement of laws concerning use of alcoholic beverages, controlled substances and weapons on campus; and all other incidents requiring police assistance or emergency medical care.

Gwinnett Technical College Police are highly trained and skilled in all public safety needs. Each Officer is trained in basic lifesaving skills and the use of the automated external defibulator, plus AED’s are carried in all Police vehicles. Our mission is “To Provide a Safe and Secure Educational Environment”.

If you observe what appears to be suspicious or illegal activity, have a concern about personal safety on campus, wish to discuss campus safety and security, or wish to report an incident which may require administrative or police intervention, please contact the Police at  678-226-7377. Or come by our office that is located in Building 100, Room 808.

The Chief of Police. Joe Markham can be reached at 678-226-6293 should the need arise.

2014 Safety and Security Report