What is Smarter Measure ™?
Smarter Measure is a voluntary survey students can take to understand one’s level of preparedness to take online courses.

What does Smarter Measure ™ assess?
Students are measured along three areas:

  1. Individual Attributes - The Life Factors section of this assessment asks questions about other elements in your life that may impact your ability to continue your education. The section measures five items: Time, Place, Reason, Resources, and Skills.
  2. Life Factors - This section measures six items: time management, procrastination, persistence, academic attributes, locus of control, and willingness to ask for help. These attributes can be enhanced or improved through academic interventions. Ask your faculty member or academic advisor about the resources for remediation and/or support which your school may provide.
  3. Reading Recall - Students read a passage on screen and respond to questions about the passage
    For resources to aid in all these areas, please visit the Student Resource page.

Who should take Smarter Measure ™?
Any student who is planning to take or is enrolled in or an online only course at Gwinnett Tech.

What happens after you complete Smarter Measure ™?
Students receive a personalized report that outlines the submitted responses along with advice and feedback about what is necessary to be successful in an online course. Low scores in an area indicate a need for some additional support. The retention support staff may email or call students who score low in more than one category.

Is Smarter Measure ™ required?
Smarter Measure is voluntary but highly recommended for students wishing to do well in an online course environment.

How do I take Smarter Measure?

  1. Follow the link: SmarterMeasure
  2. Select the term
  3. Use the password: GTCstudent
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