Online Learning

Online Learning

How can I take online classes?

First, you must be admitted to Gwinnett Technical College and then you can register for online classes. Here's more information on how to apply to GTC.

How do I log onto my online classes?

Every student registered for an online class will be issued a secure user login and password for identity verification. Online classes are located in ANGEL which is the college's learning management system. ANGEL stands for "A New Global Environment for Learning." The privacy of students enrolled in online courses is protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). See page 27 in the course catalog. Gwinnett Technical College's privacy statement can be found at the bottom of the ANGEL homepage

Your user name to log into ANGEL consists of Gwinnett Technical College's School ID, the number "32", followed by an underscore "_", followed by your student ID number "900XXXXXX."

If your student ID is 900123456, then your username to log into the ANGEL learning management system would be:


For New Students: 
Your password will match your user ID (32_900XXXXXX Student ID Number). ANGEL will prompt you to change your password after you first log in. Click for more information on how to log into ANGEL

For Returning Students: 
Your password will be the same as it was your last term at Gwinnett Tech. If you do not remember your password, you can reset it yourself. Click for more information on how to reset your ANGEL password. You must know your GTC student email in order to reset the password. Otherwise, you can contact to request a password reset.

Do I need to come on campus for an online class?

Some online courses may require an on-campus proctored midterm or final exam. Gwinnett Technical College does not assess any additional student charges associated with verification of student identity. It is the student's responsibility to make arrangements with the instructor and/or Program Director if issues arise with meeting this on-campus requirement. Such an arrangement must be approved by the Division Dean. The student is also responsible for any additional charges assessed as a result of off campus proctoring at locations that do not provide it free of charge.

Can I take online classes from other Georgia technical colleges?

Students must fill-out a Request for a Transient Letter form (available at the Registrar's Office) to determine eligibility to attend another institution as a transient student. The course must be required for your program. Learning Support courses are not eligible courses.

Students must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be currently enrolled
  • You must be accepted into a program of study (General Studies students are not eligible)
  • You must be in Good Academic Standing at GTC
  • You must have a GPA of 2.0 or higher
  • You must have no "holds" on your account
  • You must meet any pre-requisite or test score requirements

Visit GVTC for a complete list of available courses!

What do I need to take a course online?

You need a computer at home, or wherever you plan to do your course work, and a direct connection to the Internet.

Computer Requirements – A personal computer with one of the following operating systems is required: Microsoft Windows OS (XP, Vista); Apple Mac OS X (10.0) or above; or Unix/Linux.

Internet Access – 56K Dial-Up connection or better. DSL or Cable recommended.

Recommended Software – Adobe Acrobat Reader; Macromedia Flash 7.0+; Macromedia: Shockwave; Quicktime; Windows Media

Supported Browsers – It's highly recommended that students use Firefox or Internet Explorer. These browsers are more compatible with ANGEL. Using other browsers may result in less functionality with ANGEL. Click to learn more about supported browsers.

How many courses can a student take online and still graduate from Gwinnett Tech?

Students are required to take at least 40 percent of their course work from Gwinnett Tech. This includes courses both on campus and online GTC courses.

Can students receive Georgia HOPE funding?

Yes! Students would follow the normal HOPE funding guidelines. Click here for more information on student financial aid.

Where can I learn more?

For more information about Gwinnett Tech's online learning opportunities, check out additional FAQ's, the ANGEL website or email