Infant/Toddler Program

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Infant/Toddler Program

The Hudgens Center has immediate openings for infants and toddlers. We would love to learn and grow with you! Call 678-226-6510 today!

For Infants

The Hudgens Center uses the Creative Curriculum© for infants, offering many opportunities for one-on-one interactions with adults and other children. Other program features include:

  • Outdoor play space only for infants.
  • Classrooms that offer materials and equipment that “grow” with the children. Materials are rotated as children’s developmental levels grow.
  • All basic needs such as eating and sleeping are based on the needs of each child. Schedules are determined individually.
  • A daily report about each child’s day is recorded for parents to read and take home at the end of each day.
  • A separate indoor space called the “piazza” for infants to play and interact with the other infant room. The piazza allows children an additional indoor environment to visit during the day.

For Toddlers

The Hudgens Center uses the Creative Curriculum©, which is a play-based approach to learning. Program features include:

  • Outdoor space for toddlers only which includes an appropriate climbing structure, slides, and balance beams as well as many riding toys and tricycles.
  • Large piazza for toddlers to interact with children from other classrooms. The piazza also allows teachers to conduct large motor-activities inside when the weather does not permit outdoor activities.
  • Classrooms that are constantly changing to meet the needs of the children in the class.
  • Classrooms with diaper-changing area and toilets to accommodate the needs of children as they progress through the toilet learning process.
  • All toddler classrooms have Messy Rooms. Messy Rooms connect two classrooms and provide an environment for children to explore various art and sensory experiences. These rooms are designed for safe and easy clean-up which allows both teachers and children to focus on the learning that happens when children engage in hands-on activities.