For Parents

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For Parents

The Hudgens Center has immediate openings for infants and toddlers. We would love to learn and grow with you! Call 678-226-6510 today!

Participation Welcome!

As your child’s first and most important teacher, you have essential knowledge of your child’s skills, interests and needs. Your communication with Center staff is an important component to providing the best learning environment for your child. Your involvement in Center activities gives your child a strong, positive message of acceptance and support. Involvement opportunities are numerous and varied.

We welcome daily parent-teacher interactions to strengthen the home-school relationship. Parents are always welcome participants in the classroom and the Center has an open-door policy for all parents.

Formal parent-teacher meetings are conducted twice yearly to discuss each child’s progress, supplementing the daily contact maintained.

Join the Parent Committee

The Parent Committee consists of a group of parents that meet throughout the year to support Hudgens Center goals and help plan events. Committee members also help communicate information to other parents in your child’s classroom.

Be a Parent Volunteer

Parents are encouraged to share special talents, their occupations, cultural heritage, hobbies and interests with the children. Parent volunteers are encouraged to assist with special projects, art and cooking activities and story reading. Assistance with field trips is appreciated, also. A parent involvement form is completed upon enrollment to help us know how parents would like to be involved in the classroom and/or center.

Have a Suggestion?

Suggestions, questions, and comments are always welcome. Please feel free to share ideas with the teaching staff and Center administrators.

Learn More

More details about the Hudgens Center’s philosophy and operating procedures can be found in our Center Information Packet. Parents of enrolled students are invited to view and download our Parent Handbook.