Meet Our Dean

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Meet Our Dean

Meet The Dean

Cathy Scholz M. D.

Dean of Life Sciences

Welcome to Gwinnett Technical College's Life Science Division!  Life Sciences at Gwinnett Technical College includes all biology, chemistry, and physics courses, as well as the Bioscience Technology Program, a two year associate degree program that prepares students for work in the bioscience industry.

Science requires observation, inquiry, critical thinking, and experimentation with the goal of gaining a deeper understanding of the world around us. Gwinnett Tech's science instructors work as a team to create engaging curriculum that is taught in ways to optimize student learning.  Our science courses are designed to help students meet the requirements of associate degree programs in a wide range of areas including health sciences, bioscience, and engineering.  Our popular STEM Center is a place where students can help other students learn, attend science workshops, or simply expand their understanding of science content through table discussions.

Bioscience Technology prepares students for work in a wide range of fields including forensics, research, pharmaceutical applications, agriculture, environmental science, and genetics, just to name a few.  Students take classes in our state-of- the-art bioscience laboratories with exposure to sophisticated laboratory equipment and procedures.  Capstone classes, including Integrative Biology, Nucleic Acid Chemistry and Analysis, and Methods of Protein Analysis, allow students to hone advanced laboratory skills that will help them find rewarding employment or prepare them for continued education at four-year universities.  The close relationship between the Bioscience Program and the growing bioscience industry ensures that the curriculum remains relevant for today’s industry needs.

Degree, Major, Institution BS in Biochemistry, BA in German - Michigan State University;
MD (Medicinae Doctor)/ PhD - Albert-Ludwigs University in Freiburg, Germany
Practice Specialty Anatomy and Physiology, General Biology, Microbiology, and Chemistry