The Gwinnett Tech Foundation plays an important role in alleviating barriers to a student’s ability to complete their education. To date, the Gwinnett Tech Foundation has invested over $43 million in student and program support, with $5.5 million utilized for scholarships and tuition assistance. Nearly 10,000 students have been served through the Foundation’s programs and services. We are committed to removing barriers to higher education by providing scholarships and other assistance to students who face financial hardships so they can successfully complete their course of study.

“The toughest part about being in college is paying for it, because I actually don’t get the HOPE Scholarship. Gwinnett Tech offered me an amazing scholarship. I got the Hudgens Award. Without that, I actually don’t think I would have gone to college. College has changed my life by allowing me to go further in life.”

– Kerry Brewer, Gwinnett Technical College fashion merchandising alumni


Apply for scholarships

Gwinnett Technical College provides scholarships to our students with support from our Foundation and charitable donors. Scholarships are a form of Financial Aid that do not have to be repaid. Gwinnett Tech scholarships are awarded to students who meet the specific requirements; eligibility is not always based on financial need.

Scholarship funds may be used for any educational expense. This can include tuition, books, and supplies.
Please note: If a student receives funds through the Workforce Opportunity Investment Act (WOIA) and is awarded a scholarship, additional funding may reduce the amount of WOIA funds available to the student.Scholarship Application Deadlines:

  • Fall Semester: May 1 – May 31
  • Spring Semester: September 1 – October 16

Scholarship applications are submitted and accepted through the Foundation. If you have been awarded a Gwinnett Tech Scholarship, you will be notified of the status through your student email account. Students can also check the status of their application at Gwinnetttech.AcademicWorks.

Gwinnett Tech students can apply online for Gwinnett Tech Foundation scholarships by visiting Gwinnetttech.AcademicWorks and completing the electronic application. Based on the information you provide in your application, the system will be able to identify and suggest specific scholarships that match your needs.

Please note that applying for a scholarship does not guarantee that you will receive one. It is a competitive process, so be certain to complete the application thoroughly, check for spelling and grammatical errors, and thoughtfully answer the essay questions.

Please send scholarship related questions or requests for information to or call 678-226-6425.

Foundation Assistance Request

Spring 2021 Foundation *Emergency Assistance Applications will be accepted from December 14, 2020 – January 13, 2021. Decision letters will be sent via email no later than January 4 and again on January 13. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the Gwinnett Tech Foundation is able to support students with the resources needed to successfully complete their academic program. The Foundation is able to provide limited assistance for the following:

  • Book
  • Required Program Supplies
  • Tuition/Fee Assistance
  • Loaned Laptops
  • Other Critical Needs

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the Foundation Office at 678-226-6425 or email

*Please note that approval of Foundation assistance is not guaranteed and is based on funding availability. Emergency Assistance Grants are available to help current students who are at risk of not continuing their education due to unexpected financial difficulties. All other sources of financial assistance must be exhausted before making an application for funds, as these funds are not a substitute for financial aid. To ensure maximum impact, a student may be assisted through the emergency grant fund one time only.