Kitchen and Bath Designer

Certificate Program

Program Description
The kitchen & bath designer certificate is a program in the applied visual arts that prepares graduates for employment in the kitchen and bath industry. The kitchen & bath designer certificate provides learning opportunities in knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for working in this specialized design area. Students will learn presentation standards, construction and mechanical systems, basics of kitchen and bath design, materials, lighting, universal and theme design applications, software technology, and business practices. Industry internships are required in the kitchen and bath field. The kitchen & bath designer certificate emphasizes a combination of kitchen and bath design theory and practical application necessary for successful employment and those seeking their certification in kitchen and bath design. Certified Kitchen Designers (CKD) and/or Certified Bath Designers (CBD) will qualify to take exam(s) following completion of this program and the required years of industry experience. (Program Length: 3 Semesters Minimum)

Note: Technical courses in this program are subject to a livework/supply reimbursement charge.

Students must complete all learning support coursework requirements prior to entry. Individuals may enroll with or without prior experience in the kitchen or bath field. Similar courses can be transferred in from other institutions upon agreement with the program director. INDS 1145 requires completion of MATH 1012, MATH 1100, MATH 1111 or equivalent as a prerequisite.

Employment Opportunities
Independent kitchen and bath designer, retail kitchen and bath designer, retail kitchen and bath dealer/owner, supplier/manufacturer display designer, custom build/installer, coordinator or project manager, showroom representative, marketing, sales or sales representative

Gainful Employment


Essential Technical Courses



First Year Experience

FYES 1000


Technical Drawing for Interior Designers

INDS 1115


Codes and Building Systems for Interiors

INDS 1120


Materials and Resources

INDS 1130


Kitchen and Bath Internship

INDS 1175


Basic Residential Kitchen & Bath Design

INDS 2500


Advanced Kitchen & Bath Design

INDS 2505


Kitchen and Bath Solutions Thru Technology

INDS 2510


Kitchen and Bath Studio

INDS 2515


Business Practices for Design Professionals

INDS 2240



Total Hours


**Suggested First Semester classes: FYES 1000, INDS 1115, INDS 1120, and INDS 2500