Commercial Construction Management

Associate of Applied Science Degree

Program Description
The mission of the commercial construction management program is to prepare its students to assume positions leading to increasing managerial responsibility in a variety of firms which plan and construct commercial construction projects. Graduates will be provided with the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to effectively coordinate all of the managerial and technical aspects of a construction project.

Upon graduation of the degree program, students will possess skills in problem solving, critical thinking, and communication, as well as technical and conceptual application of estimating, contract administration, contracts, scheduling, finance, safety, and means and methods of construction.

The associate of applied science degree program includes commercial construction management courses and college-level general education courses. Coursework is accomplished through business simulations that prepare students to immediately and effectively impact the work environment. Student industry employment is encouraged to allow direct application of skills learned through course projects. (Program Length: 5 Semesters Minimum)

Employment Opportunities
Project manager, contract administrator, superintendent, estimator, project engineer, safety engineer, assistant cost engineer, quality control engineer, scheduling engineer, building inspector

14 Hours

CCMN 1000 Intro to Construction & Develpmnt

CCMN 1020 Building Technologies & Methods

CCMN 1030 Construction Graphics

FYES 1000 First Year Experience

General Education Area I – ENGL 1101

14 Hours

CCMN 1040 Construction Safety

CCMN 1060 Construction Estimating I

SPCH 1101 Public Speaking

General Education Area III - MATH 1111

3 Hours

CCMN 2010 Construction Law

14 Hours

CCMN 1070 Construction Estimating II

CCMN 2020 Construction Scheduling

MGMT 1100 Principles of Management or MGMT 1115 Leadership

General Ed Area II - ECON 2105 or ECON 2106

14 Hours

CCMN 2030 Construction Accounting & Fin Mgt

CCMN 2040 Construction Project Mgt.

General Education Area III *

General Education Area IV *


The sample schedule above reflects starting the program in the fall semester and includes summer semester. Please meet with your advisor for information on how you can take additional summer courses to complete certificates.

For the general educational courses noted with an (*), students can select from classes listed on pages 89-90. All associate's degree students are required to take a minimum of 15 general educational course credits. A minimum of one course must be selected from course Area I, Area II, Area III and Area IV.