Residential Construction Management

Associate of Applied Science Degree

Program Description
The residential construction management degree helps prepare you for a leadership position in the construction industry. Graduates of this associate degree program are prepared to quickly grow into such leadership positions as contractors and subcontractors, construction superintendents, job supervisors, and estimators and schedulers.

The construction management program is designed for the student who wishes to prepare for a career in some aspect of construction supervision. The associate degree program builds upon the basic diploma courses which provide a background of skills in several areas of construction. Supervision courses, drafting, project management, and accounting for construction businesses provide a management and supervisory core of courses. Computerized applications prepare the graduate for rapid advancement in today's increasingly automated construction industry. Graduates of the program will receive an associate of applied science degree in residential construction management. (Program Length: 6 Semesters minimum)

Some courses in this program of study may be subject to a livework and/or supply reimbursement charge.

It is recommended that students first complete the introductory and technical carpentry courses (course numbers beginning with the letters 'COFC' and 'CARP') before attempting any of the management level courses (course numbers beginning with the letters 'CMTT').

Employment Opportunities
Framing carpenter, form builder, roofer, siding installer, foreman, superintendent, estimator, contractor, sub-contractor

15 Hours

COFC 1000 Safety

COFC 1011 Overview of Build Const. Practices

COFC 1020 Professional Tool Use & Safety

COFC 1030 Materials and Fasteners

COFC 1050 Const. Print Reading Fund

COFC 1070 Site Layout, Footings and Foundation

17 Hours

CARP 1105 Floor and Wall Framing

CARP 1110 Ceiling & Roof Framing Covering

CARP 1112 Exterior Finishes and Trim

ENGL 1101 Composition and Rhetoric

7 Hours

CARP 1114 Interior Finishes I

General Education Area III – MATH 1111 or MATH 1100 or MATH 1101

13 Hours

CMTT 2010 Residential Estimating Review

CMTT 2020 Construction Drafting I

ACCT 1100 Financial Accounting I

General Education Area II *

13 Hours

CMTT 2050 Residential Code Review

CMTT 2130 Computerized Const. Scheduling

CMTT 2170 Construction Contracting

General Education Area IV *

3 Hours

General Education Class (Any Gen Ed Area) *


The First Year Experience course (FYES 1000) is required for students entering in this program with less than 30 semester hours of college credit.

For the general educational courses noted with an (*), students can select from classes listed on pages 89-90. All associate's degree students are required to take a minimum of 15 general educational course credits. A minimum of one course must be selected from course Area I, Area II, Area III and Area IV.