Accounting Technology

Associate of Applied Science Degree

Program Description
The world of accounting provides the opportunity to work with financial information at many different levels. Accountants prepare financial statements, track production costs and profit figures, calculate payroll and taxes, and monitor accounts payable and receivable. Accountants also have the ability to choose the type of industry they work in and the kind of accounting they do.

The associate of applied science degree program prepares students to begin successful careers in the accounting profession. The associate degree program includes accounting and related business courses and college-level general education courses. The program features both manual and computerized accounting systems. Students receive comprehensive training in preparation for a variety of employment situations. (Program Length: 5 Semesters)

Employment Opportunities
Accounting assistant, accounting clerk, audit clerk, bookkeeper, staff accountant, junior accountant

16 Hours

General Education Area I – ENGL 1101

FYES 1000 First Year Experience

General Education Class Area II *

ACCT 1100 Financial Accounting I

ACCT 1125 Individual Tax Accounting

18 Hours

General Education Area III – MATH 1111 or MATH 1100 or MATH 1101

BUSN 1440 Document Production

ACCT 1120 Spreadsheet Applications

ACCT 1105 Financial II

ACCT 2120 Business Tax Accounting

15 Hours

General Education Area IV *

ACCT 1115 Computerized Accounting

ACCT 1130 Payroll Accounting

ACCT 1110 Managerial Accounting


15 Hours

General Education Class (Any Gen Ed Area) *

ACCT 2110 Accounting Simulation

ACCT 2130 Integrated Acct Management System

ACCT 2155 Principles of Fraud Examination



Elective(s): Any college course for which the student has the prerequisites may be used to satisfy this requirement. Program Director suggested electives include: Any ACCT, MKTG 1130, MGMT 1100, BUSN 1420, CIST 1001, MGMT 1125.

For the general educational courses noted with an (*), students can select from classes listed on pages 89-90. All associate's degree students are required to take a minimum of 15 general educational course credits. A minimum of one course must be selected from course Area I, Area II, Area III and Area IV.

Note: Some courses may have additional prerequisites not listed in the curriculum. Please refer to individual course descriptions for further information.