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Gwinnett Tech Students Receive More Than $140,000 in Scholarships

The Gwinnett Tech Foundation awarded more than 160 scholarships for academic excellence and achievement to Gwinnett Tech students this year, totaling $140,000. College leaders united student scholarship winners and their scholarship donors and investors recently at the 2014 Scholarships and Awards Breakfast.

Ten new scholarships were added this year by the Gwinnett Tech Foundation. There were 145 student scholarship recipients.

At the event, Gwinnett Tech President Sharon Bartels said, "Our program today reflects our mission – to help change lives through education. We know how important it is for our students to thank their donors, and on the flipside, I know personally what a wonderful gift it is to have someone give you a simple, but powerful thank you."

Dan King, Gwinnett Tech Foundation Board Chair, added, "We know that every student has a story of achievement and every donor has a story of investment. For students, it's great to meet and thank a person who helped you continue your education."

HVAC student Ben Martin, recipient of the American Gas Association Scholarship, said that his scholarship "meant so much to me and to my family. I'm so honored and humbled to receive it."

Matthew and Suzanne Holtkamp, who created the Holtkamp Heating and Air Scholarship at Gwinnett Tech, shared an important message with students and donors.

"I want to remind our scholarship recipients that the anchor points behind you are the donors, your teachers, your parents, all the people that were behind you and brought you up. When you receive a scholarship, you have to realize that years from now, you'll want to pay it back. Now I feel that the more that I give, the more I receive," said Holtkamp.

The Gwinnett Tech Foundation exists for the sole purpose of helping Gwinnett Tech and its students succeed by raising funds to provide financial support to the college and scholarships to students


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