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Ready to apply for our Move On When Ready Program? Start here!

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Imagine! Taking exciting college classes before you graduate from high school. Finishing college and getting started on your career years early. Saving money on tuition that can be used for other goals, from starting a business to traveling the world.

If this sounds good to you, look into Move On When Ready (MOWR), a new program for high school students who want to earn college credit while finishing their high school diplomas.

  • Save time! You can earn an associate degree while finishing high school.

  • Save money! Your tuition, mandatory fees and books are fully covered.

  • Save HOPE credits! Courses taken under Move On When Ready don’t count against the maximum hourly caps for HOPE scholarships or grants.

  • Flex your schedule! You can participate in Move On When Ready in any semester – and you can choose convenient times for on-campus or online classes.

  • Transfer your credits! Many of your credits are guaranteed to transfer to other colleges and universities in Georgia if you decide to continue your studies for a bachelor’s degree.

  • In some cases, students may need to pay additional supply fees or purchase supplies or equipment.

Degree Level

  • SAT: 480 Reading, 440 Math  
  • ACT:  17 Reading, 20 English, 19 Math  
  • ACCUPLACER: 64 Reading, 70 Sentence Skills, 57 Algebra (70 Math 1113 and 90 Math 1131)
  • COMPASS:  79 Reading, 62 Writing, 37 Pre-Alg, 37 Algebra

Diploma/Certificate Level

  • SAT: 430 Reading, 400 Math
  • ACT: 15 Reading, 17 English, 17 Math
  • ACCUPLACER: 55 Reading, 60 Sentence Skills, 34 Arithmetic
  • COMPASS: 70 Reading, 38 Writing, 37 Pre-Alg

Find out more about the ACCULACER placement test.

To be eligible, a student must:

  • Be at least 14 years of age by the first day of the semester in which the student participates in MOWR.
  • Be enrolled in the 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th grade of a private or public high school in Georgia, or a home study program in Georgia operated in accordance with state law
  • Be admitted to Gwinnett Technical College.
  • Be enrolled in courses listed in the approved Move On When Ready Course Directory
  • Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) as defined by Gwinnett Tech. To find out more on SAP requirements at Gwinnett Technical College, click here.

Important application and registration deadlines are on the calendars below. Refer to the calendar that corresponds to the semester for which you are applying. Be sure to adhere to any additional deadlines at your high school. All required application components (admissions application, eligible official test scores, student participation agreement, and funding application) must be submitted by the admissions deadline. MOWR students must apply every semester they plan to attend. For more information, contact MOWR at DualEnrollment@GwinnettTech.edu
MOWR Spring Semester Calendar 2017
MOWR Summer Semester Calendar 2017
MOWR Fall Semester Calendar 2017


See the guidance counselor at your high school, or contact Gwinnett Tech Move On When Ready office at 678-226-6889 for Lawrenceville Campus and 470-282-5409 for Alpharetta-North Fulton Campus or DualEnrollment@GwinnettTech.edu.