"The toughest part about being in college is paying for it, because I actually don't get the HOPE Scholarship. Gwinnett Tech offered me an amazing scholarship. I got the Hudgens Award. Without that, I actually don't think I would have gone to college. College has changed my life by allowing me to go further in life."

- Kerry Brewer, Gwinnett Technical College fashion merchandising student

Apply for scholarships

Scholarships are awarded to students who meet the specific requirements of each scholarship found. Scholarships do not need to be repaid and eligibility may or may not be dependent on financial need. The scholarship awards may be used for any educational expenses you incur for your program at Gwinnett Tech, including tuition, books, or program supplies.
If a student receives funds through the Workforce Opportunity Investment Act (WOIA) and is awarded a scholarship, additional funding may reduce the amount of WOIA funds available to the student.

Gwinnett Tech is pleased to offer scholarships through the Gwinnett Tech Foundation, various business- and civic-sponsored scholarships, the Georgia HOPE scholarship and the Georgia Strategic Industries Workforce Development Grant.

Contact the financial aid office for details about our business- and civic-sponsored scholarships and for information about the Georgia HOPE scholarship and grant.

Scholarship Application Annual Deadlines

Applications for Gwinnett Tec Foundation scholarships are accepted according to the following schedule. Scholarship recipients will be notified of their scholarship award status by their Gwinnett Tech student email. Students may also check the status of their application at

  • Spring Semester: September 1 - September 30
  • Summer Semester: January 1 - January 31
  • Fall Semester: May 9 - June 5


Apply for Scholarships Online

Gwinnett Tech students may now apply online for Gwinnett Tech Foundation scholarships

Log on and complete the electronic application. Based on the information you provide in your application, we will be able to identify and suggest specific scholarships that match your needs.

Please refer to this quick reference guide for instructions on how to navigate the online scholarship system.

Applying for a scholarship does not guarantee that you will receive one. It is a competitive process, so be certain to complete the application thoroughly, check for spelling and grammatical errors and thoughtfully answer the essay questions.

For information on scholarships for students in the Developmental Studies Program, please contact Sheila Brookshaw at or 678-226-6263. Thank You.