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Dual Enrollment (MOWR) Logo


Applying for the Dual Enrollment (MOWR) Program at Gwinnett Tech is simple!

All the information and forms you need are right here. Please note, there's no GPA requirement for admission to Gwinnett Tech. Dual Enrollment (MOWR) students are accepted based on admissions test scores. For an overview of how to get started with MOWR, read the MOWR Road Map.

  1. Apply online for admissions each semester.
  2. Complete the Dual Enrollment (MOWR) Student Participation AgreementPDF - icon each semester.

  3. Submit official SAT or ACT scores, or take the COMPASS/ACCUPLACER placement exam offered at Gwinnett Tech.
    Find out more about the ACCUPLACER placement test.

    Minimum requirements for certificate/diploma programs:

    COMPASS – 70 Reading, 38 Writing, 37 Math
    SAT – 430 Reading, 400 Math  
    ACCUPLACER – 55 Reading, 60 Sentence Skills, 34 Arithmetic  
    ACT – 15 Reading, 17 English, 17 Math  

    Minimum requirements for degree programs:

    COMPASS – 79 Reading, 62 Writing, 37 Algebra
    SAT – 480 Verbal, 440 Math
    ACCUPLACER – 64 Reading, 70 Sentence Skills, 57 Algebra (70 Math 1113 and 90 Math 1131)
    ACT – 17 Reading, 20 English, 19 Math

  4. Complete the Dual Enrollment (MOWR) funding application through GAFutures.org. Homeschooled students and students who do not have a valid Social Security number must complete the Dual Enrollment (MOWR) paper application. All other students must complete Part 1 of the online application. Additional instructions on proper submission of this funding application can be found here.

  5. View Dual Enrollment (MOWR) Course Listings.

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678-226-6259 (Gwinnett students)
678-226-6378 (North Fulton students)

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