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Associate Degree Program

What is Business Management?

The Business Management degree prepares student currently in management, and students anticipating career changes into management, for advanced positions in a variety of business and industries. The Business Management program includes management and accountingcourses and college-level general education courses. Graduates of the program receive a degree in Business Management with a concentration in general management, Human Resources Management, Logistics, or Operations Management.

Degrees and Certificates
Business Management, AAS
Business Management, Diploma
Human Resource Specialist, Certificate
Logistics Management Specialist, Certificate
Management and Leadership Specialist, Certificate

Prerequisite Courses
Diploma level proficiency in English, Reading and Math;
FYES 1000 (for most BUSN courses)


Length of Program

Degree/Diploma: 5 semesters

63 Semester Hours


Semester Program Begins
Every Semester


Application Process
Applicants to the Business Management Program must meet all Admissions requirements; complete an application and pay the application fee. Apply to Gwinnett Technical College at and submit all transcripts from high school and previous college work, and take the ACCUPLACER test if required.


Program Deadlines
You may enter in the Fall, Spring, or Summer Terms



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Quick Facts:

Title Median Pay
General and Operations Managers $97,000 annual
First-Line Supervisors $57,000 annual
Human Resource Manager $104,000 annual
Human Resource Specialist $58,000 annual
Training and Development Manager $102,000 annual
Training and Development Specialist $58,000 annual
Transportation Manager $87,000 annual
Purchasing Manager $108,000 annual
Purchasing Agent $62,000 annual