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Associate Degree Program
What is Bioscience Technologist?

The Bioscience Technology Degree prepares graduates for laboratory jobs in research, government, bio-manufacturing and academic settings. Graduates will have the skills necessary to work in sophisticated biotechnology settings. Bioscience encompasses many critical areas of research including development of drugs and medical devices, criminal forensics, environmental science, and agricultural biotechnology. This program focuses principally on advanced biochemistry and biotechnology laboratory skills, such as analytical DNA, RNA, and protein techniques, cell culture, and microbiology. Our educational approach emphasizes critical-thinking and problem solving skills.

Career Opportunities/Job Outlook:

Potential entry level positions include research laboratories, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, bio- manufacturing facilities, forensics, environmental monitoring, biofuels and government laboratories.

Transfer Opportunities:

Transferability of Gwinnett Tech courses is assured by all other TCSG technical colleges.
The vast majority of courses (approximately 57 credit hours) will be transferred to USG schools such as Kennesaw State, Georgia state and University of Georgia.

Provisional Acceptance:

Students can be provisionally accepted to the Healthcare Science certificate pre Bioscience concentration.

Length of Program

6 Semesters

Semester Program Begins Each Semester
Program Application Process

Applicants for the Bioscience Technology AAS Degree program must meet all Admission requirements; complete an application and pay the application fee; submit transcripts and test scores (test scores are valid for five years) or take the ACCUPLACER test and meet the minimum test scores.

If prerequisites have not been completed at Gwinnett Tech or transferred, students are initially placed in the Healthcare Science Certificate program with the Pre-Bioscience Concentration while completing the required prerequisite courses. While completing the prerequisite courses, students may also take a variety of courses required for the degree (see the Healthcare Science Pre-Bioscience program in the Gwinnett Tech catalog for a listing).

Prerequisite Courses

Prior to admission into the Bioscience Technology Associate of Applied Science Degree program, students must successfully complete the following courses with a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5 :

  • ENGL 1101, Math 1111,
  • BIOL 1111 and BIOL 111L,
  • CHEM 1211 and CHEM 1211L,
  • BIOL 2117 and BIOL 2117L,
  • BSCI 1111


Additional Costs/Lab Fees:

There are additional laboratory fees for courses with a lab component.

Suggested First Semester classes for students accepted to the Healthcare Science certificate Pre-Bioscience Concentration ENGL 1101, MATH 1111, BIOL 1111/L , BSCI 1211/L, BSCI 1111/L, BIOL 2117/L


Tests and minimum scores for admission to program:

ACCUPLACER RDG = 79 | WRT = 62 | MAT = 37 | ALG = 37
SAT V = 480 | M = 440
ACT ENG = 20 | MAT = 19 | RDG = 17
CPE RDG = 75 | ENG = 75 | MAT = 75